StreetFit is the outdoor workout that never gets boring. In a combination of cardio (jogging, sprints) and strength exercises (arms, legs, ass, core) we get a bit fitter and stronger every week. We use what the environment provides us: Walls, benches, playgrounds, etc. I offer StreetFit as a 45 or 60 minutes Trianing in Risch and Rotkreuz. According to demand I can extend or adapt the offer. A trial training is free, if it is the right training for you, you can buy training cards from me. There is also the possibility to buy partner cards, where you share your card with someone (colleague, partner, friends).


Streetfit for Companies in Rotkreuz


Who wants their employees to be focused and motivated? Sport during lunchtime can offer this. Get some fresh air and get fit at the same time!  That's what StreetFit offers. We go outside in any weather. We use our surroundings. Sometimes in the forest, sometimes in the city. Up the stairs, or the Vita-Parcours. It never gets boring, and you get fit while playing. 

When: at your wish.

Meeting point: at your firm.

StreetFit in Rotkreuz

Streetfit Rotkreuz (60 Min)


Rotkreuz is a small town with a variety of training options. The campus of the University of Applied Sciences offers protection against sun and rain, the forest offers the Vita-parcours, and the many playgrounds and the athletics bann provide good opportunities for ground exercises. The new railway crossing is not only our meeting point, but often makes up part of our training.

evening Streetfit Rotkreuz (60 Min)


After a day at the office, start the evening with some sport. We'll go out for an hour of fresh air directly after the working day and you'll go home fresh, lively and fit.

When: Thursday 17:10 - 18:10 

Meeting point: Suurstoffi Rotkreuz (railway crossing north / near the university)

Expansion of traininghours

If you would like to train with me, but the offer does not suit you in terms of time or location? Please contact me, if there is enough demand I can extend the offer.

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