About me

As a speed skater, I was interested in sport and the human body from an early age. That's why I started studying exercise science in Amsterdam in 1994. It was easy to combine my studies with ice skating, and in 1999 I was even able to complete an internship in Calgary. After the 1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary launched the "Olympic Programme" to give Canadian speed skaters in particular the opportunity to train at the highest level. However, the programme was also open to foreigners.

After graduating with a degree in exercise science, I still hadn't had enough of Calgary and skating. I decided to start a Master's programme in Medical Science at the University of Calgary. The combination of top-class sport and studies appealed to me at the time. I was able to train under Xiuli Wang (later national coach of Canada, now national coach of China) as part of the Olympic programme.

After living, studying and training in Calgary for almost four years, it was time to return to Europe. In Davos, I was able to start my doctoral thesis on degeneration and regeneration of the intervertebral disc.

Unfortunately, this was less compatible with ice skating, I was getting older and the training facilities in Davos were not ideal. As sport has always been a good diversion in my professional life, I discovered new sports. Jogging and cycling have always been part of my training, but in Davos there was also the opportunity to go skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing!

I successfully completed my doctorate in 2009 and it was the right time for me to start a family. I have been living in the canton of Zug with my husband and two children since 2010. Unfortunately, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing are no longer part of my daily activities. Due to work and family, sport has taken a back seat in recent years. My balance was no longer there.

At the beginning of 2020, I was suddenly ill at home with burnout symptoms. The doctor prescribed more exercise in the fresh air, among other things. After my daily walks, I felt better and better. I rediscovered my love of exercise and realised how important it is for me to move, preferably in the fresh air. 

Through my experience as an athlete and my studies in exercise science, I acquired a lot of knowledge about exercise and nutrition. I also trained as a nutritional counsellor and StreetFit instructor (Star Education, Zurich). Although I had already learnt a lot, I wanted to learn even more so that I could accompany other people on their path to physical and mental health. That's why I decided to train as a nutrition coach (Prävensana, graduating in 2024). Even though this training has not yet been completed, I have already acquired a lot of knowledge. 

Now it's time to pass on my knowledge to my clients.