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  • I received Qualitop certification for fitness and personal training on 18 January 2024! Qualitop certification is recognised by many health insurance companies. This means that these health insurance companies cover part of the costs of the training. For a complete list of health insurance companies and their subsidies, please click here.

  • New training group in Rotkreuz! Friday 12:00

Sport macht Spass

Sport is Fun!

We all know that sports are good for physical and spiritual health. Nevertheless, moving is not part of everyday life for everyone. With StreetFit moving is fun again! In a group we explore the surroundings and use the objects at our disposal as fitness equipment. The varied workouts never get boring, and can be individually adapted to the fitness level of the participants. The training is suitable for beginners and advanced.


Who's in?

Fitness und Ernährung

XMV-Fitness and nutrition

Training and nutrition are interconnected. You can do everything right in training, and still not progress if the diet is not right. Different types of sports need their own nutrition plan. The plan should also be adapted to the training phase. A meal before the competition looks different from the recovery meal. Strength athletes need a different diet than endurance athletes. Where the hobby athlete gets along with general healthy nutrition, the competitive athlete needs nutrition with specific composition. I will gladly accompany you to success.

Training area canton of Zug


Wir nutzen das, was uns zur Verfügung steht

we use what the surroundungs provide us with


Trainingpossibilities in Rotkreuz


Rotkreuz is a small town with industry, residential areas and nature. This diversity makes it possible to always find exciting training opportunities. Stairs, forest, hills, obstacles become the training area. So the training is varied and remains exciting.

Streetfit by XMV-Fitness

Outdoor training in Risch-Rotkreuz

Streetfit by XMV-Fitness

das Outdoor Training in Kanton Zug